Many a times we return data in JSON format from Power Automate Flows to PowerApps apps. During the process, even though the flows work fine when tested alone, if we try to add such flows into our PowerApps, we are likely to encounter the Registering Error.

Now let’s try to understand the root cause of this error and ways to resolve it.

What is Registering Error while adding flows into PowerApps?

As I said earlier, this error is most likely to show up when we are using an action which needs JSON schema of the data to be returned by the flow and the schema contains data without any data type.

Let me explain with a small example. I am going to consider the Response action for the same.

When we add a Response action in our flow, it looks like this:

Here we can see Response Body JSON Schema. We can provide the JSON schema for our data in two ways:

  1. Type the schema in editor – we have to define the schema manually.
  2. Generate from sample – we can provide the sample JSON data and the required JSON schema will be generated.

Either way, if we miss to define the type of any data in our JSON, this issue will show up later while adding the flow in PowerApps.

Example of the JSON schema which can cause the issue:

UnpublishedAppDefinition missing its type in the schema

This flow, Registering Error Demo Flow, will get executed successfully when run in the Power Automate portal.

However, if we try to add this flow to PowerApps we will get the error:

The Fixes

Fix 1

  • We need to identify such data in our JSON schema whose types are not mentioned and need to give it a proper data type.
    In my case, i will update the Schema in Response action as shown below:

With this change, the flow will still run successfully when tested in the Power Automate portal.

  • Now we can go back to our PowerApps and add the flow successfully.

Fix 2:

If we use Parse Json action to convert our data into proper JSON format, then we can use the Body from the output of this action inside the Response action directly. This way we do not have to provide any JSON schema in the Response action explicitly.

An example is shown below:

Now this post was all about resolving one cause of Registering Issue error while adding flows which return JSON data to PowerApps.

If you have come across the same error while dealing with flows returning JSON data and this post did not solve your case, please mention it in the comment section and I will try to help you out.

Thank you for sticking till the end. See you in my next blog.