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[Preview Feature] Power Automate Pane in PowerApps Canvas App

Hello Guys! Welcome back to another post. Today, I am going to show how we can add new Power Automate Flows from the Canvas Apps directly using the new Power Automate Pane. With this preview feature, we do not have to navigate to the Power Automate portal and create or modify our flows. We can […]

Creating Context Menu in PowerApps

Hello Power Addicts. Welcome to another blog and today, I will discuss briefly on how we can get started with creating simple context menus as shown below in PowerApps canvas apps. Let’s begin. Step 1. Inside a new canvas app, let’s add a Vertical Gallery which will be our context menu and add a label […]

Creating Waffle Menu in Canvas App

Hello Power Addicts, hope all of you are doing great. Well today, I am going to discuss in brief of how we can start with creating a simple yet beautiful Waffle menu in PowerApps Canvas App as shown below. Let’s begin. Step 1. Create a new canvas app and add the controls (label and waffle […]


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