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We know that we can use Azure Functions and Azure Automation to run PowerShell Scripts to achieve various automation needs. However, when it comes to running cmdlets available in PowerApps PowerShell module as a part of automation, there arises a question:

Can we use any of these two services in Azure to run these cmdlets?

My answer is No.
Only one of them supports the cmdlets available in these modules.

To support my above answer, in this blog I am going to discuss in brief about which of these Azure services can be used with Power Apps PowerShell Module and Why.


PowerApps PowerShell module provides cmdlets which enable the app creators and administrators to automate certain manual tasks like managing and monitoring the environments and their resources like apps, flows, permissions and more.
There are two modules available: one for the App Maker and the other for the Administrator. These modules use .Net Framework and hence requires PowerShell 5.x, which makes it incompatible with PowerShell 6.0 (PowerShell Core) and later, which uses .Net Core.

Azure Functions

In Azure Functions, the Runtime stack available for PowerShell is PowerShell Core. From this statement itself, we can see that the cmdlets available in PowerApps PowerShell module cannot be run in Azure Functions because these modules are not compatible with .Net Core.

Azure Automation

In Azure Automation, we can create PowerShell Runbook which can execute Windows PowerShell Script which is what we are looking for. So, using this runbook, we can now import PowerApps PowerShell module and use the cmdlets in the runbook.

So clearly from simple reason as mentioned above, we can now say that if we like to set up some automation using these PowerShell Modules for PowerApps, we need to use Azure PowerShell Runbooks.

I hope you guys found it helpful. Thank you for sticking till the end. See you in the next post.