With the latest update in MS Teams, it has become much easier to set Out of Office status. We do not have to use Outlook anymore. The status we set in Teams will be synchronized with Outlook calendar as well. So, let’s check out how we can get this done.

First of all, open MS Teams with your work account and click on your Profile Picture in the top right and select Set status message.

You will get this screen. Click on Schedule out of office.

You will see the below screen:

Turn on Automatic replies by using the toggle switch.

Now compose your message and set your preferences as to whom you want to show your status to.

If you want to set your status message to people outside your ogranisation, make sure Send Replies outside my organisation is checked.

Once done composing your OOF message, click on Save button. This will then be configured to your Outlook calendar.

Now, your colleagues will get to know your status when they will try to message or mail you.